Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This blog is now on hold...

Dear Friends

I 'm sorry, but this blog is temporarily closed... on Aug 11 I had a terrible car accident in Czech Republic. I'm physically ok, just somebruises and a terrible back pain, but my wife had multiple bone fractures, she's already in Portugal recovering and resting, in a couple of months should be ok. I'm still at Kromeriz in Czech Republic, because unfortunately my mother who was traveling on the back seat had suffered major injuries... she's in the intensive care unit, woke up yesterday from a 2 week induced coma and is still in a critical condition, fighting with a serious sepsis... I don't know when I'll return to Portugal and it will probably take lots of time before I can think in postcards again... I want to apologize for any official card not registered or a swap I've arranged and hasn't fulfill...

Thank you all for understanding, best regards

Joao Nogueira


  1. Ola Joao, espero que a tua Mae recupere bem, assim como tu e a tua esposa.
    Imagino como deve ser dificil passar por um acidente num pais que nao o nosso, onde tudo se torna mais complicado.
    Um abraco e as melhoras para todos. xx

  2. Joao, it's so sad news, however I'd like to wish health to your family. I hope your lovely women will recover soon.

  3. Lots of health for your family, they need it now.

  4. I hope things are better now. We will pray for your family to recover soon.

  5. Dear Joao! I wish all the best to your mother, your wife and you! I hope that as I'm writing now, they are much better and you're back home.
    All my positive energy to all of you!!

  6. I'm so sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you all.