Thursday, July 17, 2014

Victory Square, Minsk - BELARUS - UNESCO TENTATIVE

Francysk Skaryna Avenue is one of the longest avenues in Minsk and largely constructed right after the World War II with modern plans and buildings. This avenue crosses several squares and circus, the biggest of all is 'Victory Sqare', where a 3m replica of the Order of Victory medal crowns a granite column of 38m erected right in the center of the circus, built to celebrate the victory on the "Great Patriotic War". The whole urban architectural ensemble is a a site being considered by UNESCO to become a WHS. Thank you very much Irina, that's another place I'll certainly won't miss when I get the chance to visit Minsk (probably next year). This postcard took 12 days to arrive!

Victory Squre, Francysk Skaryna Avenue, Minsk - BELARUS
The urban architectural ensemble of Francysk Skaryna Avenue in Minsk is an example of the integrated approach in organizing a city's environment by harmoniously combining its architectural monuments, the planning structure, the landscape and the natural or man-made spots of vegetation. The Ensemble was constructed during fifteen years after World War II. Its length is 2900 meters. The width of the road including side-walks varies from 42 to 48 meters. The work on the general lay-out of the former Sovietskaya Street began in 1944, immediately after the liberation of Minsk from the Nazi troops. 

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  1. I think that Francysk Skaryna Avenue was renamed to Independence (Nezavisimosti) Avenue in 2005. It's the main avenue of Minsk. It contain many beautiful objects like National Library, Church of Saints Simon and Helen, and many others :)