Monday, July 14, 2014

Royal Domain of Drottningholm - SWEDEN - UNESCO #559

Located on Queen's Island in Lake Mälaren, outside Stockholm, the Drottningholm palace is one of those great Royal ensembles built in Europe on the 18th century (like Versailles, Schonbrunn or Caserta). On this card we have a view of the theater. Thank you so much Merja for sending me this surprise card (I didn't ask for it when we arranged the triple swap), I'm sure that Drottningholm is a wonderful place and of course I'll visit it when I had the chance to go to Stockholm. Ok, now I have 426 UNESCO cards, only 581 to finish it. This postcard took 3 days to arrive!   

UNESCO #559 - Royal Theater, Drottningholm - SWEDEN
The ensemble of Drottningholm - castle, theater, Chinese pavilion and gardens - is the best example of a royal residence built in the 18th century in Sweden and is representative of all European architecture of that period, heir to the influences exerted by the Château de Versailles on the construction of royal residences in western, central and northern Europe.

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