Monday, July 14, 2014

Grimeton Radio Station, Varberg - SWEDEN - UNESCO #1134

These days we take lots of things for granted due to the amazing technological evolution of our society, but before the development of the transistor and electronic circuits and devices life was really different on our planet, specially in communications - the Grimeton Radio Station in Sweden was one of the most important sites for trading messages with the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Thank you so much Merja for helping my UNESCO collection (you're the sender of all the WHS cards from Sweden I currently have) that now reaches the 427, 580 more and I'll have them all. This postcard took 3 days to arrive! 
UNESCO #1134 - Grimeton Radio Station, Varberg - SWEDEN
The Varberg Radio Station at Grimeton in southern Sweden (built 1922–24) is an exceptionally well-preserved monument to early wireless transatlantic communication. It consists of the transmitter equipment, including the aerial system of six 127-m high steel towers. The site is an outstanding example of the development of telecommunications and is the only surviving example of a major transmitting station based on pre-electronic technology. Although no longer in regular use, the equipment has been maintained in operating condition. 

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