Tuesday, July 08, 2014


One of the highlights of my trip to Sao Tome and Principe last year were the three days I've spent in the most beautiful beach in the world (in my opinion) - the "Ilhéu das Rolas" is just a small islet lying south of Sao Tome Island and it's absolutely marvelous, specially because it’s all wild, only a few locals live there and the resort has only 40 rooms so when you hike on the islet you really feel like Robinson Crusoe, or a character from the TV series 'Lost' - and on that hike, one of the things you must do is visit the landmark that indicates the site where the equator line passes (I know it's a touristic cliché, but it's a nice feeling to have one foot in the northern hemisphere and the other on the southern!). The photo on this postcard is from another beach (Maria Emília in São Tomé), but the Beach dock in Rolas is not very different and I needed to share with all of you one of the most marvelous places in the world (Google it if you don't believe me and go there if you have the chance - it's cheaper and closer from Europe than the Caribbean and much much better). Thank you so much Mila, I'm really glad you enjoyed your vacations - I know you would agree with me about this place... I really want to get back there one day. This postcard took 11 days to arrive!
Boat dock at Maria Emília beach - SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE
Ilhéu das Rolas is a small island in São Tomé and Príncipe, in Africa. The island lies on the equator, off the southern tip of São Tomé Island. It is in the Caué District of São Tomé Province. The island is home to a small resort.  Access to Rolas is exclusively by boat from Porto Alegre on the southernmost tip of São Tomé island.


  1. Looks beautiful indeed Joao! I have never been to Sao Tome.

  2. You must try to go someday Sami, it's really something!
    I definitely want to return and go to Principe island as well...