Friday, July 11, 2014

Baalbeck - LEBANON - UNESCO #294

The second card I got from Lebanon shows the ruins of several temples dedicated to sun God in historic Baalbeck, a city situated in the fertile Bekaa Valley and where the best wines and herbs from the Roman Empire were produced (including Cannabis, very popular among upper classes in Rome those days - well, I guess nowadays it still is and in all the social classes!). Thanks again Mazen for the beautiful card and the nice message. With this one I reach 422 UNESCO cards, only 585 to finish my collection. This postcard took 14 days to arrive!
UNESCO #294 - Folk Dancers at Baalbeck - LEBANON
This Phoenician city, where a triad of deities was worshipped, was known as Heliopolis during the Hellenistic period. It retained its religious function during Roman times, when the sanctuary of the Heliopolitan Jupiter attracted thousands of pilgrims. Baalbek, with its colossal structures, is one of the finest examples of Imperial Roman architecture at its apogee.

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