Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Altai Mountains - MONGOLIA

This amazing postcards are the first I receive from Mongolia! They all from a collection of postcards that shows the Landscape and Ethnic Heritage from Altai region in Mongolia. The Altasi Mountains are registered by UNESCO only as a Russian site, but in fact it should be a transboundary WHS because it spreads to China and Mongolia (and because of that I decided to label this post in the UNESCO WHS category). When we think in Mongolia we immediately imagine Gengis Khan horses running through the fields and conquering all that part of the world and, looking at the Altai Horseman in that postcard I can spot a glitter in his eyes like he's also thinking in re-establish the old empire (I read somewhere that almost a third of all the men in Mongolia descend from Gengis Khan, so this could certainly be one of them). Thank you so much Yulia, you can't imagine the thrill that your cards gave me, they're really awesome. This postcards took 16 days to arrive!

A yurt and the Golden Mountains of Altai - MONGOLIA

Altai Tavan Bogd National Park - MONGOLIA

A horseman, Altai - MONGOLIA
The site is in the Altai Mountains in southern Siberia in the territory of the Altai Republic, comprising the high mountainous areas of Altai, the headwaters of the Katun and Chulyshman rivers and Lake Teletskoye. The World Heritage site consists of three separate areas: Altaisky Zapovednik and a buffer zone around Lake Teletskoye; Katunsky Zapovednik and a buffer zone around Mount Belukha; and the Ukok Quiet Zone on the Ukok Plateau. Two of the areas are located along the borders with China and Mongolia.

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