Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Neolithic Flint Mines - BELGIUM - UNESCO #1006

The Spiennes mines, near Mons, in Belgium were used 6400 years ago by neolithic men searching for the Flint, the mineral used in the manufacture of tools during (as it splits into thin, sharp splinters like blades when struck by a hard object such as a round heavy stone). It defies imagination thinking that those tunnels were excavated by ancestral men using only sticks and stones almost 7 millennia ago. Thank you very much Gerda, I didn't knew this mines and I'm very glad you sent me this card the 405th UNESCO WHS in my collection (602 to finish). This postcard took 5 days to arrive! 
UNESCO #1006 - Neolithic Flint Mines at Spiennes - BELGIUM
The Neolithic flint mines at Spiennes, covering more than 100 ha, are the largest and earliest concentration of ancient mines in Europe. They are also remarkable for the diversity of technological solutions used for extraction and for the fact that they are directly linked to a settlement of the same period.

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