Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mount Fuji - JAPAN - UNESCO #1418

Mount Fuji is one of those natural places that we all recognize and immediately associate with its country Japan - more than just a beautiful place (and it's really awesome) is has a very strong spiritual meaning for all the Japanese. It's another of those sites that I have on my "bucket list" for ages! I really thought this site was one of the first inscribed in the UNESCO list, but I found out today that it was only last year that it became a World Heritage Site, I wonder why... Thank you very much Fumie, this beautiful card is a wonderful addition to my collection (409 down, 598 to go). This postcard took 7 days to arrive!
UNESCO #1418 - Mount Fuji - JAPAN
The beauty of the solitary, often snow-capped, stratovolcano, known around the world as Mount Fuji, rising above villages and tree-fringed sea and lakes has long been the object of pilgrimages and inspired artists and poets. The inscribed property consists of 25 sites which reflect the essence of Fujisan’s sacred and artistic landscape. In the 12th century, Fujisan became the centre of training for ascetic Buddhism, which included Shinto elements. On the upper 1,500-metre tier of the 3,776m mountain, pilgrim routes and crater shrines have been inscribed alongside sites around the base of the mountain including Sengen-jinja shrines, Oshi lodging houses, and natural volcanic features such as lava tree moulds, lakes, springs and waterfalls, which are revered as sacred.

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