Thursday, June 19, 2014


On the old days is was normal for hotels to have advertisement postcards so the guests could write their family showing where they were staying (something that this new internet/smartphone generation don't quite understand). I never had the habit to send those cards, but I normally pick one or two for me as a souvenir when I stay in one of those places. I'm not a fan of advertisement postcards (except vintage ones), but this one has a nice view of Jáchymov in Czech Republic and the hotel really seems nice. Thank you Margitt. This postcard took 5 days to arrive!
Jáchymov is a spa town in north-west Bohemia in the Czech Republic belonging to the Karlovy Vary Region. It is situated at an altitude of 733m above sea level in the eponymous St. Joachim's valley in the Ore Mountains, close to the border to Germany. The Joachimsthaler coins minted there in the 16th century became known as thaler for short, with the word "dollar" and similar words for monetary units in many languages deriving from it.

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