Thursday, June 26, 2014

Historic Bridgetown - BARBADOS - UNESCO #1376

Finally I have a postcard from Bridgetown in Barbados! It's not the first card I've received from that Caribbean paradise, but the first one I have showing the historic city of Bridgetown, one of the most important British colonial cities in the Atlantic. Thank you very much Monika for this card and your message, and of course for being one of the most faithful reader of this blog (wish all the luck to you and your husband in this new adventure in your life, moving from Poland to Barbados, that's radical). Ok now, one more UNESCO postcard added to my collection and since it's the only one in Barbados, I've just completed another country (411 down, 596 till the end). This postcard took 8 days to arrive! 
UNESCO #1376 - Bridgetown Harbor - BARBADOS
Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison, an outstanding example of British colonial architecture consisting of a well-preserved old town built in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, which testifies to the spread of Great Britain's Atlantic colonial empire. The property also includes a nearby military garrison which consists of numerous historic buildings. With its serpentine urban lay-out the property testifies to a different approach to colonial town-planning compared to the Spanish and Dutch colonial cities of the region which were built along a grid plan.


  1. Barbados - a country I would love to visit. Nice postcard.

  2. Really fast, happy I could help with your collection :)