Monday, June 30, 2014

"Book Boat", Katsuhisa Toda

This official postcard is my first from the well known 'Inkognito' brand, a German publishing house of original and diferent illustrated postcards - this one made by the Japanese artist Katsuhisa Toda. Thank you very much Jet, after browsing the 'Inkognito' website, I now wish to receive a lot more from there, some are really awesome. This postcard took 26 days to arrive!

"Book Boat", Katsuhisa Toda (issued by Inkognito) - NETHERLANDS
Michael Etter established "Inkognito Gesellschaft für faustdicke Überraschungen"  (Inkognito - Society for Huge Surprises) in 1984. He started the company out with seven his friend Michael Sowa's postcards with the idea of specialising in the development of bizarre promotional gifts. Michael Etter's constant stream of new ideas and ability to pass his enthusiasm on to others attracted evermore artists and, in the process, evermore cards. Inkognito quickly became established as a source for gems in the mass of postcards on the market.

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