Monday, June 02, 2014

Bell Tower, Old Beijing - CHINA - UNESCO TENTATIVE

This Monday I receive three official Postcrossing cards (it's so nice to get them, because it's a total surprise). The first one comes from China and it shows the famous bell tower of  Beijing (kind of the Big Ben  of the old city) surrounded by traditional residential houses, far from the buzz of the new city filled with skyscrapers, a place where life is certainly lived with a different pace and perspective. Thank you very much Yinglu, I didn't knew anything about Gulou and Zhonglou until getting your postcards and I'm very happy to find out that it is part of the UNESCO tentative site called "The Central Axis of Beijing". This postcard took 24 days to arrive!

Zhonglou (Bell Tower), Old Beijing - CHINA - UNESCO TENTATIVE
Zhonglou, the bell tower of Beijing, stands closely behind the drum tower (Gulou - Originally built for musical reasons, it was later used to announce the time and is now a tourist attraction). Together with the drum tower, they provide an overview of central Beijing and before the modern era, they both dominated Beijing's ancient skyline. The Bell and Drum Towers continued to function as the official timepiece of Beijing until 1924, when the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty was forced to leave the Forbidden City and western-style clockwork was made the official means of time-keeping.

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