Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tomsk, Siberia - RUSSIA

The second official came all the way from the cold Siberia, more precisely form the city of Tomsk (one of the oldest towns in Siberia) and it shows the Chapel of the Iberian Mother of God that stands at Lenina Square (the largest square of the city, that kept its name even after the USSR collapse and where a monument to Lenin still exists). Thank you very much Alyona. This postcard took 19 days to arrive!

Chapel of the Iberian Mother og God, Tomsk, Siberia - RUSSIA
The Chapel of the Iberian Mother of God is located on the Lenina square (formerly Bazaar) near the monument to Lenin, on the town of Tomsk in Siberia. The chapel in memory of the Crimean War of 1853-1856 was built on the merchant Petrov, designed by architect Konstantin Eremeev and consecrated on Easter Tuesday 1858. Tomsk chapel was built in the likeness of the Iberian Chapel in Moscow.


  1. I think Tomsk is not so cold in summertime :)
    Now gismeteo says me that there is warmer than in Minsk :)

  2. really? had no idea!... guess that when we read Siberia we almost immediately think of sub zero frozen winds, ice and snow! :)

    1. They have really cold winter (>40 C), but summer is warm :)
      In my diary (in Russian) I read girls from Omsk, Krasnoyarsk and some others :)