Friday, May 09, 2014

The Motherland Calls! - CCCP

This wonderful vintage Soviet War Propaganda poster, published in 1941 only 9 days after the German unexpected attack, has a incredible visual strength  -  according to the sender, the author Irakly Toidze was working at the office when his wife Tamara rushed in screaming "War has begun, what should we do?" and then pointed outside to a loudspeaker that was giving the news... Irakly looked to his wife and shouted "Don't move!" while starting to draw in a rush - the result was this masterpiece - one of the most iconic propaganda posters of the Soviet Union. Thank you so much Nastya for this wonderful postcard and for sharing with me that curious story behind its origin. This postcard took 20 days to arrive!
'The Motherland Calls!', Irakly Toidze (1941) - CCCP
Soviet posters during the Eastern Front were visual aids meant to elaborate a certain point, such as the attitudes of the Soviet Government to current events taking place at the front, prevention of defeatism and pessimism, and inspiration of the troops and the people, in an accessible form. The Soviet posters of times of World War II are works of art and reflect elements of the Soviet cultural heritage.

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