Friday, May 30, 2014

Island of Boa Vista - CABO VERDE

This three wonderful cards show some of the "good views" of Boa Vista island, where you can find some of the most beautiful beaches of Cabo Verde. I've been there 6 years ago, before the construction of the major hotels and I had the luck to see a almost virgin and unexplored island where the giant turtles had their sanctuary and perfect for hiking and whale watching... nowadays the massive flux of tourists is causing impact on the ecological equilibrium and as far as I know more hotels are projected. I do hope that they don't ruin that paradise (even knowing the importance of tourism revenues to the Cabo Verde economy). Thanks again Mila, your cards made me go back in time and remember that extraordinary week I spent there (after checking the photos I found out that after 6 years I'm fatter and with much more white hairs... life is really just a quick glimpse of time that we must learn to enjoy more). This postcards took 32 days to arrive!

Boa Vista (Portuguese meaning “good view”) is the easternmost island of Cape Verde. It is located in the Barlavento group of the archipelago. The island is known for marine turtles and traditional music, as well as its ultramarathon and its sand dunes and beaches. The island also constitutes the municipality of Boa Vista, which has two parishes, Santa Isabel and São João Baptista.

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