Thursday, May 15, 2014

Epidaurus - GREECE - UNESCO #491

I've never been to Greece, but one of the things that always fascinated me in that civilization was the ability to build giant outdoor theaters with awesome acoustics - according to a friend of mine that visited Epidaurus a long time ago, the tourist guide made the group sit in silence on the last rows and went down to the stage, he then tore apart a piece of paper and stroke a match and, according to my friend, it was audible! I never forgot this story and one day I wish to try the same thing. Thank you very much Elizabeth and all the best for your studies. My collection grows to 382, only 599 to the end. This postcards took 12 days to arrive!
UNESCO #491 - The Theatre of Epidaurus - GREECE
In a small valley in the Peloponnesus, the shrine of Asklepios, the god of medicine, developed out of a much earlier cult of Apollo (Maleatas), during the 6th century BC at the latest, as the official cult of the city state of Epidaurus. Its principal monuments, particularly the temple of Asklepios, the Tholos and the Theatre - considered one of the purest masterpieces of Greek architecture – date from the 4th century. The vast site, with its temples and hospital buildings devoted to its healing gods, provides valuable insight into the healing cults of Greek and Roman times.

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