Friday, May 30, 2014

Cathedral of Guarda - PORTUGAL

Not far from my home stands the highest (and coldest) city in Portugal, Guarda. The Cathedral ("Sé da Guarda") is a architecture masterpiece that combine several styles because its construction spread along 200 years. In Guarda lives one of the friends I've made in the Postcrossing Forum and she sent me this beautiful card of the Cathedral surrounded with snow (something normal during winter). Thank you very much Martinha. This postcard took 4 days to arrive!
The Cathedral of Guarda (Sé) - PORTUGAL
Guarda is the highest city in continental Portugal (altitude 1,056 m), located to the northeast of Serra da Estrela (the largest mountain in mainland Portugal). The main attraction in Guarda is its cathedral, known as the Sé da Guarda. This mediaeval Cathedral is a historical religious building and its construction took from 1390 until the mid 16th century, combining Gothic and Manueline styles.


  1. I have been there in winter, and I still remember how cold it was! Both the city of Guarda and the cathedral are beautiful.

  2. A minha Sé, tão linda que ela é. Este é o meu postal preferido da sé, faz justiça a 3 dos 5 F's da cidade, forte, fria e formosa.

  3. assim de repente assustei-me - quais sao os dois outros Fs??? :D

  4. Os outros dois são fiel e farta!

  5. Ufa, já estou mais descansado! ;)
    Confesso que não conhecia essa dos 5 Fs...