Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ben Black Elk - USA

In my mailbox I've found today two amazing vintage cards (issued in the 50s) from the United States of America. This one shows the famous Ben Black Elk (son of the legendary Black Elk whose life story is simply amazing), known as the “fifth face on the mountain” for his dedicated service at Mount Rushmore, where he spent 27 years sharing stories and taking photos with  tourists - according to the sender he also entered in several Hollywood movies. Thank you very much Mik, I loved the card and the amazing stamps with 'Red Cloud' and 'Tom Mix'. This postcard took 11 days to arrive!
Ben Black Elk, South Dakota - USA
Black Elk was a Sioux medicine man that had great visions. He was also a great warrior and was a second cousin to Crazy Horse. He fought in a couple battles against the Americans (including Little Big Horn in 1876) and then was injured. After his injury he went on tour with Wild West Shows with Buffalo Bill and saw parts of Europe. Eventually, he returned to America and was married and continued to be the medicine man for his people. He is the father of the famous Ben Black Elh.

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