Monday, April 07, 2014

Zabid - YEMEN - UNESCO #611

I finally got the third card Mohammad sent me from Yemen, almost two weeks after the Sana'a cards arrived (I was beginning to think it had been lost). It shows the interior of the Great Mosque of this historic city, once the capital of Yemen. According to the UNESCO page, there is a serious risk of degradation of this site because of the fast growing concrete construction as well as open spaces invasion - I do hope the commission created in 2010 accomplish to protect the main areas and monuments. Thanks again Mohammad for another awesome card, a extraordinary contribution to my UNESCO WHS collection (340 down, 641 to go). This postcard took 36 days to arrive!

UNESCO #611 - Historic Zabid - YEMEN
Zabid is one of the coastal towns in Tehama area west of Yemen, sitting on a rise above the river junction and the fertile flood plain. It is a circular fortified town with four remaining gates, which was supplied with water by extensive canals. It was already flourishing when Islam was established in the region in the 7th century. The core of the town is its first mosque, Asa'ir. The Great Mosque lies to the west of the town to which spread the souq. Zabid has the highest concentration of mosques in Yemen.


  1. I guess I know how you feel about the wait... I've got only 4 postcards within the last 3 weeks, feel so anxious, eh, swapping cards teaches me patience, really. Hope to find something in my letter box later today :) Is there a chance to arrange a swap with your friend from Yemen? ;)

    1. He's not really my friend, so I don't know if I can give you any help, but I will send him your e-mail, a link to your blog and ask him to contact you - since you're in Barbados now I think it will be easy for you to arrange the swap... speaking of that, when will I get the honor to receive a Barbados card from you? :D

    2. Thanks for trying to help, really appreciated. I'll let you know when I get local UNESCO, I guess this one would be most interesting for you, right? :)


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