Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The Medieval Monuments in Kosovo - SERBIA - UNESCO #724

In this cards we have two of the four buildings that form this UNESCO site in the Autonomous province of Kosovo, Serbia - the Patriarchate of Peć (13th century) and the Dečani Monastery (14th century) dedicated to Christ Pantocrator and Ascension of the Lord, two magnificent examples of the Byzantine-Romanesque architecture in the Balkans. Thanks again Ratka. This postcards took 9 days to arrive!
UNESCO #724 - The Patriarchate of Peć (13th century) - SERBIA

UNESCO #724 - Dečani Monastery (14th century)- SERBIA
The four edifices of the site reflect the high points of the Byzantine-Romanesque ecclesiastical culture, with its distinct style of wall painting, which developed in the Balkans between the 13th and 17th centuries. The Dečani Monastery was built for the Serbian king Stefan Dečanski and is also his mausoleum. The Patriarchate of Peć Monastery is a group of four domed churches featuring series of wall paintings. The 13th and 14th centurie frescoes of the Church of Holy Apostles and in the church of the Holy Virgin of Ljevisa are painted in a unique, monumental style. The style played a decisive role in subsequent Balkan art.

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