Tuesday, April 01, 2014


This wasn't neither a official card or a card I requested on a swap, but a nice surprise from my friend Tsvetana who almost by herself made my UNESCO collection of WHS in Bulgaria and now is helping me getting the Tentatives. When I first saw this card I thought it was from Mérida, Spain (the theater is almost equal, but I guess that in Roman Times, the same blueprint would be good for a lot of constructions... now that I think of it, were there blueprints in Ancient Rome?). Thank you so much Tsveti, you're great. This postcard took 5 days to arrive!
Ancient Roman Theater (II century), Plovdiv - BULGARIA
The locality of Plovdiv on the transport corridor, which is crossing the Balkans, ensures its strategic position in the communications between the East and the West even from the remote past. The Ancient Plovdiv includes the very old part of the town, which had preserved over the centuries its integrity as a historical centre with a homogeneous structure and remarkable historical stratification. Accumulated over the Three Hills layers are some valuable proofs about all the ages – marks from the prehistory, Thracian, Hellenic and Roman cultures, from the Middle Ages, the Ottoman period, the National revival and from the XX century. 

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