Sunday, April 20, 2014


The last card that I got from Shinta shows this peculiar construction know as tongkonan hoses, part of the Tana Toraja Traditional Settlements, 10 different sites in the Province of South Sulawesi, Indonesia that some say will became a World Heritage Site after 2015 UNESCO meeting. I spent some time looking at this card wondering why did they built those weird rooftops shaped like boats? Thank you so much Shinta for this awesome triple swap, I really love this cards. 
Tongkonan Houses, Tana Toraja - INDONESIA - UNESCO TENTATIVE

Tana Toraja Traditional Settlement is a series of 10 traditional settlements or constituents of them, such as burial or ceremonial grounds. Tana Toraja Traditional Settlement and culture still retain the characteristics of early Austronesian culture. These can be demonstrated by Toraja cosmology, ceremonies, settlement arrangement, houses, decorations, and the role of water buffalo. Elements of Tana Toraja Traditional Settlement, such as tongkonan house, arrangement of settlement, and decorative art, demonstrate an outstanding design, technique, functional concept, and workmanship. 

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