Monday, April 28, 2014

Soviet Sport Vintage Posters - CCCP

Two amazing posters with reproductions of vintage Soviet Propaganda were waiting in my mailbox today. Soviet Union (and another communist regimes) always tried to promote their supremacy in sports as a statment of demonstration of the virtues of their political system - mainly in the 40s and the 50s, lots of artists and illustrators painted several propaganda masterpieces that always impressed me. Thank you very much Yulia for the beautiful cards and the awesome stamps you used. This postcard took 18 days to arrive!
Let's Conquer World Records! (1956) - CCCP

All World Records must be Ours! (1948) - CCCP
Sports was hugely important throughout the whole period of the Soviet Union existence. It was meant to demonstrate the advantages of socialist way of life, the victory of Soviet “amateurishness” over bourgeois “professionalism”. While economic achievements sounded like statistics, achievements in sports were a strong symbol of the Cold War.

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