Thursday, April 10, 2014

South China Karst - CHINA - UNESCO #1248

If it weren't the green trees sparkling this picture with some colour, I could swear it was taken on another planet because this rock formations (denominated Karst and originated by the dissolution of soft rocks) are really "mnot of this world". According to the sender, there are many Karst sites in Yunnan, but this one, known as Stone Forest is the most famous and popular among travellers. Thank you very much Chen, with this card I reach the benchmark of 350 UNESCO sites (almost there... only 631 to the end). This postcard took 27 days to arrive!
UNESCO #1248 - South China Karst - CHINA
The South China Karst region extends over a surface of half a million km2 lying mainly in Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi provinces. It represents one of the world’s most spectacular examples of humid tropical to subtropical karst landscapes. The stone forests of Shilin are considered superlative natural phenomena and a world reference with a wider range of pinnacle shapes than other karst landscapes with pinnacles, and a higher diversity of shapes and changing colours. The cone and tower karsts of Libo, also considered the world reference site for these types of karst, form a distinctive and beautiful landscape.

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