Sunday, April 20, 2014

Schokland and Surroundings - NETHERLANDS - UNESCO #739

The Shokland area is another of those places that testify the incessant struggle between the Dutch and the Sea - a peninsula that became a island and after some serious draining part of northern mainland of the Netherlands. According to the sender that lives in that region it is a beautiful place, although a bit boring. Thank you very much Ilona (I wish you a great time on your coming travel to Georgia). With this postcard I've completed another country - I currently own cards from all the 9 WHS in the Netherlands! Globally 355 down, 626 to go.

Schokland, Noordoostpolder - NETHERLANDS - UNESCO #739
Schokland was a peninsula that by the 15th century had become an island. Occupied and then abandoned as the sea encroached, it had to be evacuated in 1859. But following the draining of the Zuider Zee, it has, since the 1940s, formed part of the land reclaimed from the sea. Schokland has vestiges of human habitation going back to prehistoric times. It symbolizes the heroic, age-old struggle of the people of the Netherlands against the encroachment of the waters.

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