Thursday, April 03, 2014

Painted Churches in the Troodos Region - CYPRUS - UNESCO #351

My first cards from Cyprus... hooray!!! The hand painted interior of the Byzantine churces and monasteries in the Troodos region are one of the major attractions of this mediterranean island (one of the places I always consider for my Easter trip destination, but for some reason it always gets relegated to another place). In this cards we can see two of the ten monuments considered by UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Thank you so much Merja for this amazing cards and the awesome stamps you've used. Ok now, a new country added to my list and as for the UNESCO collection it's 337 down, 644 to go. This postcards took 15 days to arrive!
UNESCO #351 - Church of the Holy Cross, Palendri - CYPRUS

UNESCO #351 - Byzantine Frescoes - CYPRUS
The Troodos mountain region of Cyprus contains one of the largest groups of churches and monasteries of the former Byzantine Empire. The complex of 10 monuments included on the World Heritage List, all richly decorated with murals, provides an overview of Byzantine and post-Byzantine painting in Cyprus. They range from small churches whose rural architectural style is in stark contrast to their highly refined decoration, to monasteries such as that of St John Lampadistis.

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  1. I have been waiting for my first postcards from Cyprus and looking forward to get it. Nice collection posted today.