Monday, April 07, 2014

Kauai - HI - USA

Aloha from the beautiful Kalalau valley in the island of Kauai, Hawaii! Well, to be exact this card wasn't sent from those paradise islands on the Pacific Ocean but from New York city by Ron that sent me a envelope with five amazing postcards he bought on his travels during the last years (traveling and collecting postcards are his great passions... hum, that reminds me someone!). Thanks a lot Ron for this wonderful postcard, I really wish the air fares to Hawaii were cheaper from Europe (unless I win the lottery I won't be able to go there soon). This postcard took 12 days to arrive!
Kalalau Valley, Kauai - HAWAII - USA
Kauaʻi or Kauai is geologically the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands. With an area of 1,456.4 km2 it is the fourth largest of the main islands in the Hawaiian archipelago, and the 21st largest island in the United States. Known also as the "Garden Island", Kauaʻi lies 169 km across the Kauaʻi Channel, northwest of Oʻahu. This island is the site of Waimea Canyon State Park.

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