Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Iguaçu Falls - BRAZIL - UNESCO #355

All the way across the Atlantic, deep in the heart of South America, on the border between Argentina and Brazil, the Iguaçu (or Iguazu) Falls are one of the biggest waterfalls in the world and now I finally have a postcard from there. It's curious though, after searching the UNESCO webpage I found that this is not a transboundary site, but two different sites, one in Argentina (since 1984) and one in Brazil (added in 1986), both including the falls but each one giving importance to the surrounding fauna and flora only in the respective country... to be honest I don't follow, even knowing the rivalry between this two countries. Oh well, so I still need a card from Argentina! Thank you very much Silvia, my collection grows to 357, only 624 to the end. This postcard took 31 days to arrive!

UNESCO #355 - Iguaçu Falls - BRAZIL
The park shares with Iguazu National Park in Argentina one of the world's largest and most impressive waterfalls. It is home to many rare and endangered species of flora and fauna, among them the giant otter and the giant anteater. The clouds of spray produced by the waterfall maintain a lush growth of vegetation. The Iguaçu Falls span the border between Argentina and Brazil. Some 80 m high and 3 km wide, the falls are made up of many cascades and rapids that generate vast sprays of water and produce one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world.

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