Wednesday, April 02, 2014

"First Mate" (1953), Peter Driben

It's normal to associate pin-up illustrations to Gil Elvgren, but in fact Peter Driben was the most productive artist, specially during World War II when postcards like this one made the delights of soldiers fighting abroad. I really like pin-up girls, and who doesn't? Voluptuous bodies, smiley faces and a great drawing quality - I think I'll start a collection of this type of cards. Anchors Aweigh! Thank you very much Marina (a Russian postcrosser that also collects pin-ups). This postcard took 13 days to arrive!
"First Mate" - Peter Driben (1953)
Peter Driben (October 22, 1903 - September, 1968), an American pin-up artist, was perhaps one of the most productive pin-up artists of the 1940s and 1950s. Although both Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren have extensive catalogues of work, neither came close to the output of Driben. Driben's pinups delighted the American public from the beginning of World War II until the great baby boom of the 1950s. 

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