Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Central Market - HONG KONG

Knowing my love for vintage postcards, Phoebe also sent me this incredible postcard showing the Victorian style Central Market in Hong Kong, a colorized photo that was probably made almost a century ago, since this building was unfortunately demolished in the 1930s to give place to a Bauhaus structure that still stands today in central Hong Kong. In the back of the postcard she glued a photo of the actual market with lots of people and modern taxis on the streets... to be honest I would love to have a time machine and be able to visit the Victorian Hong Kong. Thank you Phoebe for this amazing swap. This postcard took 14 days to arrive!
Old Victorian Central Market - HONG KONG
The precursor of the central market in Hong Kong was Canton Bazaar, which was established in 1842 on Queen's Road Central between Cochrane Street and Graham Street. In 1843 it was also known as the Middle Bazaar. The Chinese population were later forced to relocate from Central to the Tai Ping Shan area due to a series of fires. In the 1850s, it was moved to its current location on Des Voeux Road (then known as The Praya). The market was rebuilt in 1858, then completely replaced with a Western marble structure in 1895. The rebuilt market was a three-storey Victorian-style structure with a tower in the middle. The market was demolished again in 1937, this time replaced with a Bauhaus structure.

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