Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Hydra Island - GREECE

My first official card from Greece started as mistery - the only thing the message says is "Happy Postcrossing" and there's nothing about the picture or the place it was taken (the small prints only say GREECE). Even the sender didn't recall what was this place (she piked a vintage card for me but wasn't sure of the place). A couple of days after posting it here I found out (with the help of my faithful readers and Google Images) that it is a old picture of Hydra Port in the beautiful island with the same name. Thank you Alexandra-Nectaria, it's always nice to get a postcard from a new country! This postcard took 14 days to arrive!
Hydra Port, Hydra Island - GREECE
Hydra is one of the Saronic Islands of Greece, located in the Aegean Sea between the Saronic Gulf and the Argolic Gulf. It is separated from the Peloponnese by narrow strip of water. In ancient times, the island was known as Hydrea, which was a reference to the springs on the island. There is one main town, known simply as "Hydra port" (pop. 1,900). It consists of a crescent-shaped harbour, around which is centered a strand of restaurants, shops, markets, and galleries that cater to tourists and locals (Hydriots). 


  1. Seems a lovely place, perfect for peaceful holidays

  2. Google says me that this is a part of Hydra Island in Greece :)

  3. Hadn't seen the replies, and searching via google images it says it's Hydra Island. Lovely place.

  4. You're both totally right - it's Hydra Island! :) The first time I've tried Google Images it didn't return any result - maybe I did something wrong... :P
    Going to edit the post now! THANKS