Thursday, March 20, 2014


My good friend Anita sent me another great card from her country, Macedonia - this time with a gorgeous multi-view  postcard with 11 photos that surround the map and flag of that little Balkan paradise (I know it's not a proper map, but at least until I get another, I'll put it on the Map-Card List). Thank you very much Anita. This postcard took 6 days to arrive!
Macedonia Multi-View, Map and Flag - MACEDONIA
Macedonia is a country located in the central Balkan peninsula in Southeast Europe. It is one of the successor states of the former Yugoslavia, from which it declared independence in 1991. A landlocked country, the Republic of Macedonia is bordered by Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Albania. The country's capital is Skopje, with 506,926 inhabitants according to the 2002 census. Other cities include Bitola, Kumanovo, Prilep, Tetovo, Ohrid, Veles, Štip, Kočani, Gostivar, Kavadarci and Strumica. It has more than 50 lakes and sixteen mountains higher than 2,000 m.

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