Friday, March 21, 2014

Frontiers of the Roman Empire - GERMANY - UNESCO #430

The UNESCO WHS Frontiers of the Roman Empire is a transboundary site. I already had a card from England (Hadrian's Wall) and today I've received this postcard from Germany with a photo of Saalburg Castle (a rebuilt Roman fortress with a very interesting museum, acording to the sender who went there last week) in the city of Bad Homburg, not far from Frankfurt. Thank you Marcel. This postcard took 3 days to arrive!
UNESCO #430 - Saalburg Castle, Bad Homburg - GERMANY
The ‘Roman Limes’ represents the border line of the Roman Empire at its greatest extent in the 2nd century AD. It stretched over 5,000 km from the Atlantic coast of northern Britain, through Europe to the Black Sea, and from there to the Red Sea and across North Africa to the Atlantic coast. The remains of the Limes today consist of vestiges of built walls, ditches, forts, fortresses, watchtowers and civilian settlements. Certain elements of the line have been excavated, some reconstructed and a few destroyed.

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