Monday, March 31, 2014

El Tajin - MEXICO - UNESCO #631

Much more that the colonial towns like the one on the previous post, pre-hispanic sites and civilizations are the first thing that normally comes to our mind when we think on Mexico (ok, ok... also Tequilla and Mariachis). El Tajin is a place I didn't new, I must admit, but according to the sender is a awesome place (she was there when she was a young girl), where the best vanilla in Mexico is produced and specially famous because of the amazing 'voladores de papantla' (if you don't know what it is, you must check them on youtube... it's extraordinary). Thank you so much Irene for this great double swap. Ok now 331 down, 650 to go. This postcard took 20 days to arrive!
UNESCO #631 - Pre-Hispanic City of El Tajin - MEXICO
Located in the state of Veracruz, El Tajin was at its height from the early 9th to the early 13th century. It became the most important centre in north-east Mesoamerica after the fall of the Teotihuacan Empire. Its cultural influence extended all along the Gulf and penetrated into the Maya region and the high plateaux of central Mexico. Its architecture, which is unique in Mesoamerica, is characterized by elaborate carved reliefs on the columns and frieze. The 'Pyramid of the Niches', a masterpiece of ancient Mexican and American architecture, reveals the astronomical and symbolic significance of the buildings.

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