Monday, March 24, 2014

El Escorial - SPAIN - UNESCO #318

This is the 5th and last postcard my good friend Ana sent me from her field trip to Spain with her students. The Royal Seat of 'San Lorenzo de El Escorial' is a historical residence of the King of Spain, not far from Madrid, famous for it's huge rooms and a magnificent library (one of the thing I remember the most from my visit there when I was still a young boy). Thank you so much Ana Paula, you took the time to send me 5 postcards in your 4 day trip, you're amazing! My UNESCO collection now have 325 sites, 656 to go. This postcard took 20 days to arrive!
UNESCO #318 - San Lorenzo de El Escorial Monastery - SPAIN
Built at the end of the 16th century on a plan in the form of a grill, the instrument of the martyrdom of St Lawrence, the Escorial Monastery stands in an exceptionally beautiful site in Castile. Its austere architecture, a break with previous styles, had a considerable influence on Spanish architecture for more than half a century. It was the retreat of a mystic king and became, in the last years of Philip II's reign, the center of the greatest political power of the time.

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