Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chinatown, San Francisco - USA

Another trademark of San Francisco, Chinatown recently became a major touristic attraction and probably lost some of the mystery and secrecy that was associated with it, but still is a emblematic place I really would love to visit (and try to find that old man store that would sell me a mogwai or maybe drink a couple of beers with Jack Burton).  Thank you Jacqueline. This postcard took 9 days to arrive!
Chinatown, San Francisco - CA - USA
The Chinatown, centered on Grant Avenue and Stockton Street in San Francisco, California, is the oldest Chinatown in North America and the largest Chinese community outside Asia and is the oldest of the four notable Chinatowns in the city. Since its establishment in 1848, it has been highly important and influential in the history and culture of ethnic Chinese immigrants in North America. Chinatown is an enclave that continues to retain its own customs, languages, places of worship, social clubs, and identity. The place is a major tourist attraction, drawing more visitors annually than the Golden Gate Bridge.

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