Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Bolshoi Akhun, Sochi - RUSSIA

This is my favorite card of the day; during last two months I several times thought of swapping a Sochi postcard (home of Winter Olympics 2014 edition) but it never happened, so it was for me a awesome surprise when I've found this beautiful card looking at me on my mailbox and an even greater pleasure when I saw the stamp, a special edition with the Sochi logo and the same old tower we can see on the card. Thank you very much Ekaterina (love your profile photo), you really made my day. This postcard took 66 days to arrive!

The Bolshoi Akhun Mountain, Sochi - RUSSIA
The Bolshoi Akhun Mountain, with a 662-metre Romanesque observation tower, is 20 km inland from Sochi. From the top of the tower there is an excellent view of the snow-topped peaks of the high Caucasus, the coastline beyond Sochi, and even the Abkhazian resort of Pitsunda. A little way from the tower are the Agurskiye vodopady (Agur waterfalls). There are good restaurants at the foot of the tower and by the waterfalls serving Caucasian food and wine.

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