Friday, February 14, 2014

Wooden Churches of Maramureş - ROMANIA - UNESCO #904

Only two cards today, but both from WHS I didn't have yet. The first one came from Romania and it shows four wooden orthodox churches (Bârsana, Desestiş, Plopiş and Ieud) in the Maramureş region (UNESCO classified eight churches in this region). Thank you so much Daniela for this amazing card - I've never been inside a wooden church and from the silhouettes on the photos, they should be really beautiful. 305 down, 676 to go. This postcard took 19 days to arrive!

UNESCO #904 - Wooden Churches of Maramureş - ROMANIA
These eight churches are outstanding examples of a range of architectural solutions from different periods and areas. They show the variety of designs and craftsmanship adopted in these narrow, high, timber constructions with their characteristic tall, slim clock towers at the western end of the building, either single- or double-roofed and covered by shingles. As such, they are a particular vernacular expression of the cultural landscape of this mountainous area of northern Romania.

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