Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Vratsa Karst Nature Reserve - BULGARIA - UNESCO TENTATIVE

Now that I have all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites from Bulgaria, my good friend Tsvetana is helping me with sites that are trying to enter the list. This one shows the Vratsa Karst Nature Reserve, part of the Natural Park Vrachanski Balkan (the upper right photo was taken on the green part of the map, the Vratsata Gorge, right in area that is a UNESCO tentative). Thank you very much sweet Tsveti for another amazing card from Bulgaria (4 tentatives down, 9 to go) and for the nice message and stamps on the back. This postcard took 9 days to arrive!

Vratsa Karst Nature Reserve covers an area of 1438.9 ha and includes the northern rocky slopes of the Vratsa Mountain, West Balkan Mountain Range. The Reserve contains an impressive, continuous 10 km long rocky outcrop with NW-SE direction, divided in the middle by the Vratsata Gorge and Leva River. The territory includes a major karst region with exceptional natural beauty. Specific to the Reserve are the abundance of characteristic karts formations, which cover about quarter of the territory. The rest of the area is covered mainly by mixed deciduous forests of oak, hornbeam, flowering-ash, maple and less beach forests, and mountain pastures and meadows.

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