Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pombaline 'Baixa' or Downtown of Lisbon - PORTUGAL - UNESCO TENTATIVE

This two cards are simply amazing, definitively my favorite from the ones Gracinha sent me (and the only ones with the date printed in the back). Here we can see two of the most iconic places in the downtown of Lisbon; in the first one we have Rossio all filled with flowers (and I would "kill" to have that old Alfa Romeo on my garage) and in the second a view of D. Pedro IV square, only a couple of footsteps away (this picture is awesome, it somehow looks like a black and white photography later colorized). Thank you very much Gracinha, this amazing cards are my first from the Pombaline 'Baixa', hopefully one day a UNESCO WHS. This postcard took 5 days to arrive!

Rossio with flowers (1967), Lisbon - UNESCO TENTATIVE

D. Pedro IV Square (1950), Lisbon - UNESCO TENTATIVE
As a result of the destruction of the greater part of the city, including the symbolic centres of power, by the 1755 earthquake, - the most violent registered in history, and a catastrophe which, at the time, became the subject of literary and philosophical works - a complex reconstruction scheme was imposed by the commanding figure of the Marqugs de Pombal. Although the logic behind the physical limits of the Pombaline "Baixa" is rather unclear-and somewhat fluid in certain zones it is possible to identify an area of 235,620 m2, covering 62 blocks and 430 building lots.

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