Monday, February 10, 2014

Muskauer Park - GERMANY/POLAND - UNESCO #1127

After the Berlin Modernism Housing Estates, this was the perfect WHS to "clean" my sight and using the postcard to do my favorite thing: dream of visiting the place pictured on it. This Park on the border between Germany and Poland (I wonder if it has a peace memorial?) really seems a beautiful place and I would love to be able to walk there one day. Thank you very much Michaela.  This postcard took 7 days to arrive!

UNESCO #1127 - Muskauer Park - GERMANY/POLAND
A landscaped park of 559.9 ha astride the Neisse River and the border between Poland and Germany, it was created by Prince Hermann von Puckler-Muskau from 1815 to 1844. Blending seamlessly with the surrounding farmed landscape, the park pioneered new approaches to landscape design and influenced the development of landscape architecture in Europe and America. The site also features a reconstructed castle, bridges and an arboretum.


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