Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Messel Pit Fossil Site - GERMANY - UNESCO #720

This beautiful card was sent by Isabella, a biology researcher that visited the Messel Pit some months ago. According to her message, it's a beautiful place and postcard from there are somewhat rare (this was the only one she could find) because it's not really a touristic place, but a must see if you're interested in the Eocene period. Thank you so much Isabella, I really love this card and thanks to you I now have 291 WHS in my collection, 690 to go (and only a dozen left in Germany). This postcard took 4 days to arrive!
UNESCO #720 - Messel Pit - GERMANY
Messel Pit is the richest site in the world for understanding the living environment of the Eocene, between 57 million and 36 million years ago. In particular, it provides unique information about the early stages of the evolution of mammals and includes exceptionally well-preserved mammal fossils, ranging from fully articulated skeletons to the contents of stomachs of animals of this period.

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