Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mammoth Cave National Park - KY - USA - UNESCO #150

I love visiting caves - when I was a young boy I went with my family to "Mira de Aire" here in Portugal and it was like entering Aladdin's world; since then it's one of my favorite activities when abroad (I will never forget the amazing Škocjan Caves in Slovenia). After reading the description of the Mammoth Cave I really want to go there one day. Thank you very much for this wonderful postcard Inez and since it is a UNESCO WHS, my collection grows to 303 sites, only 678 to finish. This postcard took 15 days to arrive!

UNESCO #150 - Mammoth Cave - KY - USA
Mammoth Cave is the most extensive cave system in the world, with over 285 miles (456 km) of surveyed cave passageways within the property. The park illustrates a number of stages of the Earth's evolutionary history and contains ongoing geological processes and unique wildlife. It is renowned for its size and vast network of extremely large horizontal passages and vertical shafts. The flora and fauna of Mammoth Cave is the richest cave-dwelling wildlife known, with more than 130 species within the cave system.

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