Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Fagus Factory, Alfeld - GERMANY - UNESCO #1368

The Bauhaus movement was a major turning point in modern architecture. This factory in Alfeld, built in 1911 is one of its best exemples and for that classified as a Heritage Site. I agree with you Marcel that maybe there are to much Bauhaus sites in the UNESCO list, but if this site wasnt classified maybe soon it would be turned into a condo block or a multi-storey shopping mall and in this way it will be preserved for future memory. Thank you very much Marcel for this extraordinary swap, you've been a major help to my collection that reaches a nice number of 290WHS, only 691 until the end. This postcard took 3 days to arrive!

UNESCO #1368 - Fagus Factory (former engine house) - GERMANY
Fagus Factory in Alfeld is a 10-building complex - began around 1910 to the design of Walter Gropius, which is a landmark in the development of modern architecture and industrial design. Serving all stages of manufacture, storage and dispatch of lasts used by the shoe industry, the complex, which is still operational today, is situated in Alfeld an der Leine in Lower Saxony. With its groundbreaking vast expanses of glass panels and functionalist aesthetics, the complex foreshadowed the work of the Bauhaus school and is a landmark in the development of architecture in Europe and North America.

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