Friday, February 14, 2014

Colonial City of Santo Domingo - DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - UNESCO #526

This is my first card received from the distant Dominican Republic. It shows Saint Mary Cathedral, Prime of America - it's construction was ordered by Christopher Columbus itself, in order to thank the Virgin Mary the fact of reaching India (as it was his belief) by sea. Thank you so much Idrialis, you can't imagine how I love this card and how I wish to visit Santo Domingo one day. As for my UNESCO collection, it reaches the number of 306 different sites (675 till the end) and since Santo Domingo is the only WHS in Dominican Republic, I've just completed another country! This postcard took 25 days to arrive!

UNESCO #526 - Saint Mary, Santo Domingo - DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
After Christopher Columbus's arrival on the island in 1492, Santo Domingo became the site of the first cathedral, hospital, customs house and university in the Americas. This colonial town, founded in 1498, was laid out on a grid pattern that became the model for almost all town planners in the New World. Among the most outstanding buildings, the cathedral was constructed between 1514 and 1542; it is the oldest in America, and is one of the architectural wonders of the Colonial City. The main entrance stands next to the Columbus Plaza, where stands a giant statue of the great navigator himself.

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