Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cáceres - SPAIN - UNESCO #384

On my way back from Mérida I've made a stop in Cáceres for lunch and a big walk on the Historic City Center... I was there many years ago, but to be honest I didn't remember how beautiful it is - a tour on those narrow streets is like a time travel, specially because the medieval walls and monuments are really well preserved. Lots of things to do and see, and only two hours drive from my home; I'll return there soon, no doubt about that. With this card I've sent to myself, I reach 307 WHS in my collection, only 674 to finish it. This postcard took 2 days to arrive! 
UNESCO #384 - Old Town of Cáceres - SPAIN
Cáceres is an outstanding example of a city that was ruled from the 14th to 16th centuries by powerful rival factions: fortified houses, palaces and towers dominate its spatial configuration. This city in Estremadura bears the traces of highly diverse and contradictory influences, such as Islamic arts, Northern Gothic, Italian Renaissance, arts of the New World, etc. The walls of the city bear exceptional testimony to the fortifications built in Spain by the Almohads. The Torre Desmochada in Cáceres is part of an ensemble of walls and towers which is representative of a civilization and which has been largely conserved.

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