Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Brown Bear, Białowieża Forest - BELARUS - UNESCO #33

The Białowieża Primeval Forest in Belarus and Poland (UNESCO WHS since 1979) is the last remaining primary deciduous and mixed forest of the European lowlands. The postcard collection entitled "Fauna of Belarus" shows some of the animals that live there. I already have the Lynx and now I've got this badass looking Brown Bear, I wonder if I can get them all? Thank you very much, I really apreciate the fact that you've used the Belarus special edition "Happy Postcrossing 2014" stamp. This postcard took 8 days to arrive! 

UNESCO #33 - Brown Bear, Białowieża Forest - BELARUS
Situated on the watershed of the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea, this immense forest range, consisting of evergreens and broad-leaved trees, is home to some remarkable animal life, including rare mammals such as the wolf, the lynx and the otter, as well as some 300 European Bison, a species which has been reintroduced into the park.


  1. Joao, I'm not sure that you can collect all of them.
    Now I see 48 cards in this album - http://vk.com/album-9110431_178086030
    However Belpost periodically issues new cards :)
    We also have a separate set Owls of Belarus

  2. I think there are much more than 48 Lena... I've seen many that aren't on that album. I'll probably can't collect them all, but at least I can try! 2 down, many more to go!.. ;)

    If you ever manage to arrange this one, please send it to me:


    We have a cat and she has the same look as the one in this photo! :D

    1. Deal! :)
      I think I'll visit General Post Office at weekend to buy new stamps and have a look if there is Fauna of Belarus card with cat :)