Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Xumishan Grottoes, Ningxia - CHINA

Xumishan Grottoes is a precious treasure of Buddhism. It is composed of 162 caves with more than 350 Buddhist statues - the main atraction is the is the massive Big Buddha Mansion, which houses a 20-meter-tall statue of the Buddha from the Tang period (A.D. 618-908). I thought this was a site classified by UNESCO, but after searching their page I realize it's not. Still I'm very glad of having this card, specially since it's a vintage one (printed in 1988 so older than the sender like she says in the message). Thanks a lot, I love this card and I think it should be a WHS! This postcard took 56 days to arrive! 

Xumishan Grottoes, Ningxia - CHINA
Xumishan Grottoes in Ningxia was first built during Northern Wei dynasty 1400 years ago,ranks among top 10 grottoes in China, is a magnificent yet little-known Buddhism site. It been enlisted on top 100 endangered architectural and cultural sites in the world. Unlike other grottoes in China, Xumishan Grottoes has its caves chiseled on the cliffs of eight separate peaks and the distribution of these caves take a shape of a fan.


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