Friday, January 03, 2014

Taos Pueblo - NM - USA - UNESCO # 492

Surviving nearly 1000 years of history, this "pueblo" stands virtually unchanged. Looking at the picture I can only think in that old westerns where the final shoot-down normally takes place in a old pueblo like this. Thank you very much Michelle (a postcrosser that lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico and that has visited Taos several times), your card is a great addition to my UNESCO collection, now with 252 sites, only 729 remaining. This postcard took 8 days to arrive!
UNESCO #492 - Taos Pueblo, New Mexico - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Situated in the valley of a small tributary of the Rio Grande, this Pueblo Indian settlement, consisting of adobe dwellings and ceremonial buildings, exemplifies the enduring culture of a group of the present-day Pueblo Indians. It is one of a group of settlements established in the late 13th and early 14th centuries in the valleys of the Rio Grande and its tributaries that have survived to the present day and constitutes a significant stage in the history of urban, community and cultural life and development in this region.


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